About Us


Here at G5 Marketing Solutions we focus on you the Client!

Why Us?

Most website development firms deliver out of the box business sites that look great as a brochure, but lack interactivity and connection with the customer. These dry, uninviting sites lack originality and quickly turn off customers. Sites with cookie cutter templates take very little time to setup. As a result, these sites rarely lead to a successful business because customers leave as soon as they arrive. When they leave, they are left without an impact or lasting impression of your corporate identity. This gives them little reason to return.

Our website development professionals recognize the value of solid information architecture design and integrative branding that engages the customer from the first stop at your site. Engagement with your customer is crucial to tying into their emotional connection to your site and developing loyalty. Behind great design lies website development that contains solid coding and web application design with targeted features that place your business at a competitive advantage.

G5 Marketing Solutions web application design begins with an assessment of how technically complicated you want your site to be. You can have an ecommerce shop, message boards, subscription services, dynamic frames and even eLearning solutions. The key to effective web development is consumer interaction, and G5 Marketing Solutions matches you with the right web solutions to get a site above and beyond your expectations.

We will work with whatever you already have to ensure your web development solution is cost effective and flexible. Our web developers are technical masters that deliver a solid standard based on the customer requirements your business needs. Your business is unique, with its own problems and challenges. G5 Marketing Solutions streamlines your existing processes working behind the scenes on your website, making your consumer outreach more robust and responsive to the changing markets.

Too often, an SEO consultant in Columbia, SC simply follows its own way of doing things, providing the same services, in the same way, for every client. We, on the other hand, aim to make your SEO campaign a natural extension of your business. That means spending time with you, learning your business, and designing a set of local SEO services in Columbia, SC that makes perfect sense.

No SEO company in Columbia, SC can take a client’s website to the top of the search page rankings instantly. Utilizing the industry’s most powerful SEO tools effectively takes quite a bit of work and time, which another local SEO company in Columbia, SC might ignore in favor of shortcuts. Here are some of the main actions we take to give your website solid, sustainable improvement in the rankings:

  • Redesign of existing web pages to attract the attention of search engines
  • Periodic refreshing of web page copy to keep the site looking active
  • Blogging and article publication, which add valuable links and keyword-optimized content to your site
  • Inspection of your website’s META descriptions and tags to ensure that they best represent the site to search engines
  • Ongoing review of our SEO services’ performance using Google Analytics, making adjustments to our approach when necessary